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As the world’s largest self-reported database of female venture investors, the Global Women in VC Directory is the foundation of our global network. Our 3,000+ members, use our directory as a powerful tool to identify qualified co-investors, talent recruits, new connections on business trips, market diligence, and more. The directory is password protected and open to women employed full time at institutional, corporate, impact, accelerator and family office funds making direct investments; applications are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis.

Women in VC Slack Group

The Women in VC Slack Group is a private platform for the members in our community to engage on a daily basis across almost 100 different channels. These channels have become powerful micro-communities within our broader global network; the members regularly share resources and organize educational webinars or virtual/in-person networking events. With over 2,100 members, our Slack is the de facto discussion and discovery forum for industry events, investment opportunities, job postings, stage/sector/geography specific trends, emerging manager resources, and more. To date, there have been over 100,000+ messages across the community.

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Since 2015 in New York City, the Global Women in VC community was created and is managed by:
Sutian Dong
Sutian Dong
Founding Partner,
(To Be Announced)
Jessica Peltz-Zatulove
Jessica Peltz-Zatulove
Founding Partner,
Hannah Grey

With support on the research study and data analysis from

Bethany Crystal
Bethany Crystal
General Manager,
Union Square Ventures
About this Research
Predominantly Self-Reported
Of the 2,457 profiles analyzed, 95% (or 2,331 people) shared their own, self-reported data. We collected this information organically through Google and Airtable forms. This data is reviewed quarterly to keep the directory current, removing churn and updating positions or job changes.
Corporate, Institutional, Impact & Accelerator VCs Only
While we recognize there are many other investment models, we limited the scope of this study uniquely to women at corporate, institutional, impact or accelerator VCs, starting at the PreSeed round of financing. Within the private Airtable directory, women investors from family offices, fundraising platforms, and venture studios are also approved on a case by case basis.
Layering in Public Data
For the remaining 126 profiles analyzed, we pulled a subset of relevant data from publicly available datasets, and cross referenced the profiles with LinkedIn data to ensure the information was current. These supporting references included: Latina Women in VC, Black Women in VC and the All Raise initiative foundersforchange.org, which powers the Diverse Investor List.
Slight Bias Toward NYC
As we founded this group in New York City, we have reasons to believe there may be a slight bias toward women on the East Coast, which is why we have also made an attempt to backfill any missing data from VC firms in other locations, for purposes of the published research.
Interested in partnering with our global community?
We’re actively working with ecosystem partners to provide resources, educational webinars, virtual meetups, and press opportunities to our community. If you or your organization are interested in investing in women-owned funds or working with our network, we’d love to hear from you:
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